A very friendly and understanding doctor. I am able to get in when needed besides also being able to speak to doctor after hours with any concerns i might have !! 

- Rashmi Anup

Amazing pediatrician. So happy to have finally found one for my daughter ,Jaylin!  appreciate your kind and courteous service. You are a blessing!

- Lisa Marie

 Dr. Nambiar is a great doctor!! my kids loves her!! thank you for taking care of my kids!! :) 

- Joanna Bayle

 Had very good experience with Dr Nambiar she is one of a kind of Dr who will answer all your queries and make sure to give her pateint time to solve each question ..
Wait time is very less
If u are looking for best Dr for your kids ...this is the right place !!! 

-Tima Deole Joshi

 Dr. Nambiar provided excellent care for my young daughter. Not only is Dr. Nambiar very knowledgeable, she is compassionate, patient, and great with kids! Her exams are always thorough and never rushed. She also takes the time to make sure all questions are answered. I highly recommend Dr. Nambiar to all parents!! 

-Michelle Perera

 Dr. Nambiar is an excellent physician she provides excellent care for my children. Excellent care, compassion, and professionalism is what you will find here. This medical home would be a great addition to any child's life. We look forward to our relationship with her for years to come. #lovedrnambiar 

-Gloria Dailey

 Dr Nambiar is a compassionate, knowledgeable and exceptional diagnostician in the field of Pediatrics. She has a true heart in caring for children ❤️👍🏼

 I was privileged to work with Dr Nambiar and my respect for her is admirable 

-Rita Ippolito


 Love her love her love her!!!!!! She remember my kids and treat them with such amazing care!!!! 

-Redd Ruby

 Very good Pediatrician, I have no complaints what's so ever... gives me and my family an understanding view of things towards my children.. always available for patients and great service!  

- Jasmine Garcia

 Dr. Nambiar is very compassionate and cares about her patients even after the appointment is over. She is very thorough and I am glad she is in practice because we need doctors like her... 

-Tutu Marioghae

 We love Dr Nambiar! She is an excellent pediatrician and is amazing with kids. She is very thorough. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a kind, efficient and caring doctor. 

- Xiom S

 I recently had a new born baby and had many questions that a new mom would have ! Dr Nambiar listened to  all my worries and patiently helped me put them to rest. I  highly recommend Dr Nambiar  to all the  moms out there - new and old! 

- Arpita Pandya

 Dr. Nambiar is the best doctor ever. She is very gentle and caring with my children. She gives them the attention they need and takes her time. Dr.Nambiar explains things in detail and in terms I understand. My kids and I love Dr. Nambiar. I highly recomend her 100% 

-Keila Gonzalez

 Dr. Nambiar is an amazing pediatrician. Her attention towards my girls needs is one of a kind, she treats them as if they were her own. She never rushes and answers all my questions. I will definitely recommend her to friends and family.

- Jacquelyn Decola

 Excellent doctor who takes time and cares for her patients and their families!  

- Shanda Johnson

 Dr. Nambiar is a great Dr. She is caring, understanding and very compassionate with her patients as well as their families. 

-Sonia Barreto